Dick’s Sporting Goods asks Michigan township for right to sell firearms at new store.

The national chain applied for a controlled use permit on…

The national chain applied for a controlled use permit on Aug. 18, and there will be a public hearing to consider the request at the planning commission meeting on Thursday.

According to township documents, the sale of firearms is permitted in the area with a conditional use permit under the following regulations:

-There are only 2 “controlled uses” — which refers to establishments where firearms are sold — within a 1,000-foot radius.

-No controlled use within a 500-foot radius of a residentially-zoned property, but this can be waived if the
applicant submits a validated petition signed by at least 51 percent of persons owning or residing in that area.

-No controlled use allowed within 500 feet of a nursery, primary or secondary school or day care facility.

The request by Dick’s Sporting Goods appears to adhere to the regulations as long as a petition can be obtained from the adjoining residential neighbors, according to township documents. The nearby Meijer store to the west of Dick’s does not sell firearms.

Source: Lizzy Alfs for annarbor.com.

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