Distresed, bound victim texts neighbor who rescues woman and shoots intruder three times.

SHELBURN, IN — Police say an attacker who had tied…

SHELBURN, IN — Police say an attacker who had tied up two women inside a rural western Indiana home was stopped when a neighbor shot him in the leg.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department says a man broke into the home near the town of Shelburn Sunday morning, tying up a woman and her mother and sexually assaulting the younger woman.

Sgt. William Snead says the older woman was able to send a text message to a neighbor asking for help. The neighbor’s boyfriend, Sonny Osborn, heard the confrontation and went inside with a gun.

Police say Osborn told the attacker to leave before shooting him in the leg three times. The man was treated at a hospital and was being held in the Sullivan County Jail.

Source: Wave3

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  • wang

    Good on him, i’d do the same for my neighbours. safe neighbourhood is a happy safe community:)

  • If we had more people like this in the world today it would be a BETTER world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BMadden

    A citizen doing his duty to protect a neighbor. We need more people like him. Also a great example of one part of the reasoning behind the right to bear arms: protect your family, property and your neighbors. An armed society is a polite society.