DOD eyes Naval Magazine as possible alternative to Pagat, Guam for firing range complex (video).

The Department of Defense will be taking a closer look…

The Department of Defense will be taking a closer look at using the Naval Magazine as a potential alternative for a firing range complex for marines. The Joint Guam Program Office and the United States Marine Corps briefed island leaders today on their plans to re-study alternatives for a firing range complex for U.S. marines.

After the National Trust for Historic Preservation the Guam Preservation Trust and “We Are Guahan” filed a lawsuit against the selection of Pagat as a firing range complex, the Department of Defense decided to conduct a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement or SEIS on their proposed marine firing range complex.

Joint Guam Program Office Executive Director Joe Ludovici made it clear today that they are still moving forward with plans to move marines from Okinawa to Guam and are therefore proceeding with their firing range SEIS. The Joint Guam Program Office and Marine Corps officials told island leaders and island media today that this time around there will be more public input. U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters Pacific Division Director Bryan Wood said, “What I think we’re really trying to do here is make it as absolutely open as possible give the public as many opportunities as they can to comment to provide written comment to hear what we have to say to ask questions so we can educate them about why we need these things how they will be built why they will be built. I think it’s the openness and the manner in which we’re doing that really is different”

Source: Clynt Ridgell for Pacific News Center.

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