Driving on flat tire, rim totals $50,000 SWAT vehicle

Image: Thomas Hawk/flickr Officer Justin Simo, 36, with almost a…

Image: Thomas Hawk/flickr

Officer Justin Simo, 36, with almost a decade of experience with Henderson police, was driving home Wednesday night when a tire blew on his unmarked, custom police Chevrolet Tahoe.

But instead of changing the tire or waiting for a tow truck, Simo continued to drive for several miles on the car’s rim. He was still a few miles from home about 11:15 p.m. when the vehicle began smoking and became engulfed in flames on Somerset Hills Avenue near Southern Highlands Parkway.

The Tahoe ­­­­- purchased and outfitted for policing for $49,449 – was a total loss, although Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said Simo was able to save several firearms from the burning SUV.

In addition to the car, valuable police equipment – including a computer, tactical equipment and several other firearms – were also lost. No value on the equipment has been established, Paul said.

There were reports of ammunition exploding as Clark County firefighters arrived to put out the blaze, but no injuries were reported.

Source: Mike Blasky for the Las Vegas Review-Journal

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  • Brett Stokes

    I bet $1 he wont repay the public that funded the purchase of the truck for his laziness and stupidity.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Typical attitude