Drone Industry: Unmanned Aircraft May Have Saved Lives in Dorner Standoff

Representatives from the drone industry say that if San Bernardino…

Representatives from the drone industry say that if San Bernardino police had used a drone during Tuesday night’s standoff with rogue police officer Christopher Dorner, lives might have been saved.

“Had a [drone] been able to be used in that environment, who knows what could have happened,” Peter Bale, chairman of the board for the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, said at the organization’s annual program review in Virginia. During the standoff, Dorner allegedly shot two police officers, killing one. Human remains believed to be that of Dorner have reportedly been found in a cabin that was burned to the ground.

Bale said that the Federal Aviation Administration has been pulled into uncharted territory by privacy advocates, which has slowed widespread use of drones. Various government entities have passed bills which would limit the use of drones in their jurisdictions

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