Dropped gun fires in Arizona Walmart bathroom stall (video).

A was standing at the urinal when police say 24-year-old…

A was standing at the urinal when police say 24-year-old Andrew Seals entered a stall wearing a western-style holster and .357-caliber antique revolver.

Before he could sit down, he had an accident.

“He took the belt off as he was going to use the restroom and it dropped on the floor, and the motion of it hitting the floor caused that weapon to discharge. When you’re in a closed environment like that, it’s extremely loud and extremely startling,” Wessing said.

The big bullet traveled right through the metal door, ricocheted off the wall and took out a light fixture up above, then struck the floor only a few feet from where the victim was standing. He was pretty shaken up about it.

Source: Heather Moore for KPHO.

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  • Jimmy Mullin

    This is news? Now watch Walmart ban concealed carry in it’s stores.Any gun can fall out of any holster,most of them gravity will do it,but even retention holsters fail.I was getting ready to go into a Dunkin donuts about 15 years ago.I was wearing a S&W 66 357 mag in an Uncle Mike’s type holster with a button snap.The button caught on something and the revolver fell out onto the tar surface.I scooped it up,put it on the floor of my car,shut and locked the door and went in to Dunkin Donuts.Guess who went in right behind me? A Mass State Trooper.It was legal but you know the way some paranoid cops are about guns.They don’t know that citizens are their employeers and don’t have less rights to carry a gun than they do.If you don’t have a badge.they think you’re a criminal.

  • SchofieldSteve

    “Antique revolver”. Must be antique (use to be called common) knowledge that you never carry with a round under the hammer… “modern” designs have made that problem all but a thing of the past with frame mounted firing pins and internal hammer blocks so I guess that hard earned knowledge of NDs has been forgotten. It might have been a good idea for this guy to know the limitations of his weapon instead of trying to squeeze one more round into his carry piece. I still feel for the guy, sucks being the example but the information is out there. Whether he was carrying an old single action or even some of the old double actions, there are loading procedures that will keep an empty cylinder under that hammer. Again, I do feel for the guy especially being in a media climate that drools over the possibility of waving any mistake made with a CCW in everyones faces… (that wasn’t in regards to you taclife)

  • EGS

    antique firearm, holster choice and mishandling by the user.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Holster choice, nough said