Early-morning reverse 911 calls looking for missing child spark complaints.

Image: nashville.gov The use of a reverse 911 system in…

Image: nashville.gov

The use of a reverse 911 system in hopes of locating a missing child triggered complaints Wednesday from sleep-deprived Lake County residents, upset they received several emergency alert phone calls in the early morning hours.

Annette Farrar, 76, and her neighbors near Mount Dora received as many as four phone calls about 9-year-old Tavares resident Iyana Taylor, who was found safe at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Jerry Smith, Lake County’s emergency management director, said the problems are being analyzed and there would be a review of how the notification system will be used in future missing persons cases. The system was originally purchased for tornado warnings and other natural disasters and has been used about 24 times, most often for missing persons, he said.

Source: Ludmilla Lelis for the Orlando Sentinel.

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  • Bowmont

    A child was missing and you whined about missing a little bit of your sleep? Poor you, the entire world just had a moment of silence for your lost sleep time.

  • Mr. K

    And if it had been their child missing? Yeah you missed some sleep, but at least the child was located.