East Arizona Board approve Springfield .45 purchases for Graham County deputies.

The Graham County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of…

The Graham County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of new handguns for the Graham County Sheriff’s Office and, in an unrelated matter, officially approved the outcome of the Nov. 2 general election.

County Sheriff P. J. Allred said during the Board of Supervisors meeting Monday that the handguns used by deputies are older models. Allred would like to put lights on the weapons “for a tactical advantage in low-light situations.” There is a concern, however, that the older guns could malfunction with the addition of lights on the frame.

Deputies tested several handguns and decided that the Springfield .45 caliber was the best. Price quotes for these guns range from $454 to $525 per unit. A total of 25 of these handguns will be needed for patrol/investigations deputies, and 13 are needed for detention officers.

According to Allred, a grant will pay part of the costs of the gun purchases. Proceeds from the auction of the old guns plus jail enhancement money will also be used to help pay for the weapons.

“I don’t think it’s going to hurt us (financially),” Allred said.

Source: Diane Saunders for Eastern Arizona Courier.

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