Easton, PA putting police tactical team back together.

Five years after the accidental shooting death of a police…

Five years after the accidental shooting death of a police officer in Easton, the city is rebuilding its police tactical team.

Ten Easton police officers have been training over the last few months to be a part of the new team.

“They are a trained unit in serving warrants and controlling minor situations that may involve a gentleman who has barricaded himself in a house,” said Mayor Sal Panto, who said the formation of an emergency response team is a positive step for the Easton Police Department.

Easton’s team was disbanded after Officer Jesse Sollman was accidentally shot and killed by another team member inside police headquarters in 2005.

Since then, Easton has relied on the state police team for all high-level crisis situations.

Police officials said the city’s emergency response team will not replace the state police team, but will supplement it during hostage situations.

In three weeks, the Easton team’s efforts will be evaluated by the National Tactical Officers Association.

Source: Jaccii Farris for WFMZ.

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