Eric Holder in 1995: We “really need to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

YouTube Description During a speech in 1995 Eric Holder says…

YouTube Description
During a speech in 1995 Eric Holder says people need to be brainwashed into thinking negatively about guns.

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  • Dan

    Mr. Attorny General, how’s that hotline working out for you?

  • Jman

    WOW!! dumb ass really said “brainwash people” I would not believe it unless is heard it and yes he said it! Damn even more reasons to renew my ccw license, this guy was appointed by whom? Oh yeah the President of the United States. For those who apprieciate their freedoms or rights Hows that hope and change feeling right about now? We do not have a perfect system but we do have voting so lets get that hope, lets get that change and vote these idiots out! We need for the people by the people not worthless words of yes we can… Actions do speak better than words hence why we watch these politicians very closely. Again WOW Brainwash???…. DAMN…

  • bull then and now!

  • HumbledWhiteMan2012

    Have Obama and Holder passed FBI background checks?