Escape of 129 Mexican inmates near U.S. prompts border alert.

Image: James Duff/Flickr At least 129 Mexican inmates escaped through…

Eagle Pass, Texas Police
Image: James Duff/Flickr

At least 129 Mexican inmates escaped through a tunnel at a prison across from Eagle Pass, Texas, prompting local officials to alert the U.S. border patrol and warn that the Zetas cartel organized the breakout.

The prison’s director and security chief were detained, Coahuila’s state government said in a statement last night. Alleged members of the Zetas gang tried to block authorities from reaching the jail after the escape, triggering a firefight that left four criminals dead, the state’s police chief, Jorge Luis Moran, said in a radio interview today with Radio Formula. Police lowered the number of fugitives to 129 from 132 out of a population of about 730 inmates.

The jail break took place in the city of Piedras Negras, just across the Rio Grande River from Texas.

“We are aware of the prison break in Mexico and state law enforcement remains in close contact with federal authorities along the border to monitor the situation,” said Josh Havens, deputy press secretary for Texas Governor Rick Perry, in a telephone interview from Austin.

Source: Nacha Cattan for Business Week.

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