Escondido and Oceanside, California police to get BearCat tactical vehicles.

Image: Sdlewis at en.wikipedia The county plans to buy two…

Image: Sdlewis at en.wikipedia

The county plans to buy two 16,000-pound BearCat vehicles, each capable of stopping improvised explosive devices, mortar blasts and heavy concentrations of combat arms fire, for about $250,000 apiece, using a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, authorities said.

Police say the vehicles will keep officers safe and could save lives in dangerous situations, but some have questioned whether the vehicles are necessary for police officers who should be more like helpful neighbors than soldiers.

“In situations where a suspect is barricaded and hostage situations, we’re going to have to get close enough to deploy,” Oceanside Police Department Sgt. Jeff Brandt said. “This gives us the luxury to do that. We could drive pretty much wherever we want.”

Source: Morgan Cook for the North County Times.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    now they can crush those infidels with evil ruger 10-22s