Every cop in Mexican town quits after station attack (video).

The entire 14-man police force in a northern Mexican town…

The entire 14-man police force in a northern Mexican town has resigned en masse after their station came under fire from suspected drug traffickers.

The police headquarters in Los Ramones, a rural town about 40 miles east of Monterrey, is pockmarked with bullet holes after gunmen drove up to the station and unleashed a torrent of automatic weapons fire that also included barrages from grenade launchers. More than 1,000 bullet casings littered a yard where local officials had held a ceremony to inaugurate the new station just three days earlier.

No one was injured, but six police vehicles were destroyed. “Fortunately, those who were inside the building threw themselves on the ground and nobody was hurt,” Mayor Santos Salinas Garza told the Mexican newspaper Noroeste.

Source: Lauren Frayer for AOL News.

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    how long before it come here in the usa