Ex-Army medic pleads guilty in Fort Stewart terror plot

A former Army medic pleaded guilty Monday to charges that…

A former Army medic pleaded guilty Monday to charges that he burned bloody clothes, spent shotgun shells and a cellphone to try to help fellow soldiers cover up a double killing linked to a militia group plotting terrorist attacks while operating inside the military at Fort Stewart in southeast Georgia.

Former Pfc. Christopher Jenderseck, of Fargo, N.D., told a Liberty County Superior Court judge he built the backyard bonfire used to dispose of the items last December.

He said none of his fellow soldiers told him that he was destroying evidence to cover up a killing, though he figured it out as the fire burned. Still, Jenderseck admitted he did nothing to stop them.

“I was ashamed of myself that I let myself become a part of this,” the 26-year-old Iraq veteran told the judge.

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  • N. Louisiana Deputy

    You should be “ashamed”, Jenderseck, as you are abetting TRAITORS!!