Expert Pleads for Greater Caution Amongst Officers When Throwing Down Guns

If cops are inadvertently training themselves to “throw down” their…

If cops are inadvertently training themselves to “throw down” their sidearm, rather than quickly and securely holstering, we can reprogram them by stressing the proper disarmament cycle.

For the last 10 years, my firearms training research has been focused more on the effectiveness of instructional techniques rather than actual marksmanship training. As a result of that research, a few of the conclusions bother the heck out of some instructors.

For example, I am convinced any marksmanship technique can only work effectively if training is conducted in a practical, stressful environment.

Long ago, I gave up arguing over Weaver versus Isosceles’ stance because if you are shooting from any formal “stance” you’re simply not being practical. You should be shooting on the move and from awkward positions, the way gunfights actually occur.

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