Families of Navy SEALs killed in 2011 attack say government is to blame

The families of Navy SEAL Team 6 members killed in…

The families of Navy SEAL Team 6 members killed in a disastrous August 2011 helicopter crash in Afghanistan blamed the government for the tragedy, during an emotional press conference in Washington Thursday.

The family members, speaking at the National Press Club, tried to reopen the book on the crash, in which 30 Americans were killed, most of them belonging to the same unit as those who carried out the raid on Usama bin Laden earlier that year. The helicopter was shot down by insurgents.

During the event organized by a group called Freedom Watch, family members and former military personnel claimed President Obama turned the SEALs group into a Taliban target after the administration revealed they had conducted the bin Laden raid.

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  • LDW

    Of course “government is to blame”, government sent them in. But them’s the risks of being there, and we’ve been there a while. Like anyone with their head screwed on straight thinks a US helo of any description whatsoever isn’t a target in Afghanistan, c’mon.. I have my own problems w/ Obama but I’m getting real tired of people propping up their personal losses or whatever or their own opinion on SOP or OPSEC as ways to slag even further. It’s getting played out and the Dems are just going to frame it as Swift Boat stuff again anyway so why give them the ammo. Losing any troops sucks, losing tier 1 guys is very painful in terms of capabilities, but using this stuff politically is just getting old.

  • James

    I still smell conspiracy. Bin Laden wasn’t in the compound, and the government silenced the only witnesses.

    Every single detail of the Bin Laden story changed. Every. Single. One.

  • MIO

    They are not saying that the only reason it was shot at was because the Seals were on it they are saying it was shot at and because it wasn’t a specop rated aircraft it couldn’t defend and since it wasn’t specop it shoulda been more deeply supported to defend the high value assets onboard in the AO it was in. SOP was broken and that raises eyebrows and when you lose this many assets it raises even more because 1/2arse missions are not atypical for this type of stuff.

    You don’t learn this on callofduty behind the keyboard

  • JH

    How the hell would the know SEAL team 6 was on that exact chopper! Deeply sorry for your loss, but you are freakin morons.

    • Obamma420

      I was thinking the same exact thing. It’s unfortunate losing fellow service members but they’re making it sound like their aircraft was ONLY shot because the Taliban knew their were SEALS on it. wtf?

      • It’s one of those things that strikes me as odd — the de facto acknowledgment of the existence of the unit doesn’t directly translate to “members of THAT unit are on THAT chopper”, so either insurgents shot down the helo because it was an American helo and they didn’t know until after the fact that there were members of that unit on it, or they had way, WAY more specific information than anything the administration has ever actually released.

        Sounds like a case of what FOX News is mocked in other media for…

    • Mark Tercsak

      You are right they would not have known that unit was on that chopper unless they were listening in to our radio and other information systems. calling the families morons is a grave offense sir you need to apologize to them.