Family demands to know if weapons used to kill ICE agent could have been seized before they crossed into Mexico.

Image: The family of a murdered U.S. Immigration and…


The family of a murdered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent is demanding to know if U.S. agencies could have seized the weapons used to kill him before they crossed the border into Mexico.

Amador and Mary Zapata also believe their son Jaime, who was only in Mexico for 9 days before his death, was not adequately trained for his assignment, a trip on one of Mexico’s most dangerous roads in a $160,000 armored Suburban.

“We want to find out the truth,” Amador Zapata said from the living room of his Brownsville, Texas home. “Who thought of this program? How come they let those weapons go – when they knew who had bought them? How come they let them go through the border – without trying to stop them? That’s what we want to know.”

Source: William La Jeunesse for Fox News.

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  • Eric

    The weapons were not seized because this administration wants the American people to believe that we can’t control the illegal flow of guns into Mexico so we need to ban guns altogether. The Obama administration has been quietly working behind the scenes with operations like this since they’ve been in power. Everyone knows not only can we stop guns from crossing the border we can also stop the constant crossing of illegal immigrants as well. That’s what our National Guard should be doing instead of dying in thke middle east to try to bring democracy to nations that neither want democracy and have no concept of life other than the way they’ve lived for a thousand years. Once we knew Bin Laden had escaped into Pakistan then we had no further reason to be in Afghanistan. It’s a country of tribal warfare and has been since the beginning. The people seen content to live this way so who are we to change it? If they become a threat to the US then we can bomb them into the stone age without committing thousands of troops on the ground to do it. The Obama administration will use incidents like what happened in Mexico as an excuse to try and ban guns