Father arrives home to hostage situation, is shot and manages to return fire and stop attacker.

Image: wdaz.com According to a Southeastern Med spokesperson, the male…

Image: wdaz.com

According to a Southeastern Med spokesperson, the male assailant who allegedly held the second man’s family hostage was in “critical” condition following surgery at the hospital and the male victim who was initially shot was in “serious” condition following surgery.

“They were both taken by ambulance to Southeastern Med,” Guernsey County Sheriff Mike McCauley said. “I do know the victim was shot in the back.”

According to a press release issued by the sheriff’s office, the victim was reportedly confronted by the assailant in his driveway.

The assailant was armed and pointed the gun at the victim while ordering him inside the residence.

Once inside the home, the victim was ordered downstairs, at which time he was reportedly shot in the back by the assailant while walking down the stairs. The victim was then able to return fire.

“The victim managed to get a firearm and he returned fire,” striking the shooter, McCauley said. Struck by the return fire, the assailant fled the residence on foot with the firearm. He was later located by deputies inside a nearby residence.

Source: John Low for Daily-Jeff.com.

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