FBI given piece of Pentagon wall hit during 9/11 terror attack.

A chunk of a Pentagon wall smashed by a plane…

A chunk of a Pentagon wall smashed by a plane hijacked by 9/11 terrorists was presented to the FBI’s Washington field office Wednesday in recognition of its assistance.

During a military ceremony, the FBI received an 800-pound limestone block that was recovered from the west facade of the Pentagon and has been kept in storage for almost 10 years.

The head of the FBI’s Washington office, assistant director James McJunkin, said the stone will be permanently displayed in the building’s lobby “so that every visitor who enters this building, every employee who walks through these doors, and every agent assigned to this post will remember what happened on that horrific day, what the bureau did in response to that attack and the unending commitment we have to never letting it happen again.”

Source: Carol Cratty for CNN.

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  • Martin

    Why a limestone block instead of a piece of aluminum of the actual plane? Maybe because there isn’t any… We will never know.