FBI releases 2010 statistics on law enforcement officers feloniously killed.

Image: julia-hunter.com Overview - In 2010, 56 law enforcement officers…

Image: julia-hunter.com

– In 2010, 56 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty.
– Of the officers feloniously killed, 32 were employed by city police departments, including 13 who were members of law enforcement agencies in cities with 250,000 or more inhabitants.
– Line-of-duty deaths occurred in 22 states and Puerto Rico.
– By region, 22 officers were feloniously killed in the South, 18 officers in the West, 10 officers in the Midwest, 3 in the Northeast, and 3 officers were feloniously killed in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

Victim profile
– The average age of the officers who were feloniously killed in 2010 was 38 years.
– The slain officers’ average length of law enforcement service was 10 years.
– Of the 56 officers slain in 2010, 54 were male, and 2 were female.
– By race, 48 of the victim officers were white, 7 were black, and 1 was Asian/Pacific Islander.

– 42 officers who were slain in 2010 were on assigned vehicle patrol.
– 8 officers were assigned to other duties, such as special assignments or undercover, when they were murdered.
– 5 of the slain officers were off duty but acting in an official capacity.
– 32 on-duty officers slain in 2010 were assisted at the time of the attacks.
– 19 on-duty officers were alone and unassisted at the time of the incidents.

– Of officers killed in 2010, most (55) were killed with firearms. Of these, 38 were killed with handguns. (A breakdown of the types of weapons used in these slayings is provided in Table 27.)
– 7 officers were killed with their own weapons.
– 7 officers attempted to use their weapons; 16 officers fired their weapons.
– 21 officers were slain with firearms when they were 0-5 feet from the offenders.

Source: FBI.gov

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    As the show used to say
    “Lets be careful out there”

  • Jim Mullin

    56 out of a country of over 350+ million people.Seems like a lot more civilians were killed in the same time period.I heard somewhere that about twice as many security guards are killed every year than cops.that would make a security guard’s job more dangerous than that of a cop.56? That’s a low number for such a big country.More farmers got killed than that.

  • Live to retire, or be allowed to find another job outside of law enforcement altogether. Some of us are doing this for a paycheck, and a small one for that matter, until something else comes along, God willing if the economy lets us. We’re just trying to get through each day and come home alive.

  • Sivispace

    This is a national tragedy. Every cop should live to retire. Volunteering to accept a law enforcement commission is not volunteering to die. When will people learn that the absence of law enforcement is mob rule and anarchy? God bless the men and women of law enforcement and thanks to you all for your service and sacrifice.