FBI targets mob in major sweep one of the largest single-day operations against the Mafia in FBI history.

In one of the largest single-day operations against the Mafia…

In one of the largest single-day operations against the Mafia in FBI history, federal agents fanned out across New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island on Thursday morning to arrest 127 people, authorities and sources with knowledge of the case said.

Investigators arrested people from all five prominent New York Mafia families — the Gambino, Colombo, Bonanno,
Genovese and Lucchese families, Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Some of those arrested were charged with murder conspiracy, arson, extortion, narcotics trafficking, illegal gambling, labor racketeering and murders that date back as far as 1981, sources with knowledge of the case said.

About 110 people, including several high-ranking family members, were in custody by mid-morning, a source said.

Source: David Ariosto for CNN.

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  • Nathan

    I think the General hit the nail on the head on this very important issue. Noone wants to seem like they’re racist or un-PC even when it’s their job to enforce the Law, because the politski they sucked up to to get the job might lose a vote or two, or because they’re afraid of the media. Frickin disgusting. MS13 qualifies under the RICO Act just like the Five Families do, which brings it under the juristiction of the FBI, and they simply have no excuse for such a moronic statement as to focus on the Mob instead of Mara Salvatrucha. Hell, history proves they only care when poor ol’ Uncle Sam misses out on a few taxes anyway. But when it comes to mass murder, meth and gun trafficking in multiple states, they’d rather go after italians and conservative patriots instead. To any Feds who read this stuff, please take a long, hard look in the mirror and stop strutting around like bantam roosters when so many of you are farting off on the job. Your fellow countrymen are the ones paying for it, in more ways than one. And if you’re gunna crack down on corruption, extortion and tax evasion, you might wanna start making Wall Street and the Banksters a priority. They’re plundering and destroying our whole damn country. You keep reminding the people that your Eye is always watching… well i got news for ya, we’re watching you too. The only reason we can’t shoot these parasites is because it’s your responsibility to deal with them. Italian gangsters are old news. They’re not hard to catch. All you gotta do is tap a few politician’s phone lines and drop the hammer on a corrupt police chief or two. You can even use your nasty little Patriot Act to do it without getting warrants, like you enjoy doing to people who don’t break the law, so you’re out of excuses. Now quit playing superheros and go do something about it. We are not impressed.

  • General Jim M

    I only have one complaint. The feds go after the Italians.I don’t see them trying to eliminate MS13.The feds know that the mafia would prefer to not have to shoot cops while resisting arrest. The central American souless barbarians are another matter.Go get the MS13 and close down the borders so more of them don’t get in.Clean them up then Holder can bragg.Maybe there is a racial element here too.Holder would rather arrest white Italians than brown third worlders.