FBI: U.S. violent crime down in 2011 with fewer murders, rapes.

Image: Tex Texin via Flickr. Murders, rapes and other violent…

Image: Tex Texin via Flickr.

Murders, rapes and other violent crimes dropped sharply in the United States in the first six months of 2011, continuing a downward trend that has lasted 4 1/2 years, the FBI reported on Monday.

The federal law enforcement agency said preliminary January-through-June figures showed the number of violent crimes declined 6.4 percent from the previous year, led by a 5.7 percent drop in murders and a 5.1 percent decrease in rapes.

In other violent crime categories, robberies declined 7.7 percent while aggravated assaults fell 5.9 percent.

The FBI’s regular statistical report did not give any reasons for the lower crimes nationwide. But the latest numbers provided further evidence of no crime spike coinciding with the tough economic conditions and high unemployment.

Source: MSNBC

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  • Jman

    “A armed society is a polite society” Im sure this violent crime statistic can be associated with the surge of ccw and firearm purchases in the same time frame…. what do you think? Oh yeah and another thought who are you gonna rob or murder when everyone is armed? I think most, but not all bad guys realize this by now… So for those who are still on the fence about getting a firearm please do so and be on the right end of a pointed gun not the wrong end.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Bravo Sierra