FBI: violent crime down by 6 percent last year, fall fourth year in a row.

Violent crime dropped 6 percent in 2010, marking the fourth…

Violent crime dropped 6 percent in 2010, marking the fourth straight year of year-to-year declines, while property crime was down for the eighth straight year, falling 2.7 percent, the FBI reported Monday.

Nationwide, there were an estimated 1.2 million violent crimes in 2010 and an estimated 9 million property crimes.

An aging population and continued high rates of imprisonment for criminals are helping to drive down crime rates, said James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University.

Robbery fell 10 percent, rape dropped 5 percent, and murder, non-negligent manslaughter and aggravated assault fell more than 4 percent.

…in addition…

Burglaries, theft and other crimes against property also went down, by 2.5 percent as a group, for the eighth year in a row, according to the FBI’s estimates.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the new figures showed that federal law enforcement agencies had made progress on the crime fighting priorities of President Barack Obama’s administration.

“We’ve targeted gang leadership in communities from Florida to New York, and from Tennessee to North Carolina,” he said in a statement. “We’ve renewed our commitment to fighting organized crime, whether it is traditional La Cosa Nostra or Mexican drug cartels.”

Source: Pete Yost for the Associated Press; AFP.

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