Fed up with false alarms, Long Beach, N.Y. to hand out $100-$700 fines.

Image: Sunset at Long Beach; Wiki The city of Long…

Image: Sunset at Long Beach; Wiki

The city of Long Beach is inundated with false alarms – more than 1,000 a year. Police officers, firemen and ambulances race to a home or business only to discover there is no emergency.

Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tagney said his South Shore city of 35,000 is the first on Long Island to hire an outside firm to go door to door collecting fines that the city levies for false alarms.

“I’m proud that we are innovative and the first ones doing this. And I think many municipalities will follow suit,” Commissioner Tagney said.

The Texas company hired as bill collectors stands to make about 25 percent off each fine. Some locals said they don’t like any part of this plan.

“I think it shows how desperate the community is for collecting revenue, and turning it over to a collection agency is a little ridiculous,” business owner Steve Felix said.

Source: CBS New York

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