Feds dismantle Indiana gun running ring to Mexico (video).

U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett announced the indictments of four people…

U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett announced the indictments of four people accused of trading high-powered and illegally-purchased guns from Central Indiana for cocaine and methamphetamine from Mexico.

“In the matter of guns, Indiana is an export state because of the proliferation of possession of weaponry,” said Hogsett. “Many, many people from outside the state of Indiana look to Indiana as a place to obtain cheap weapons and those that can be transferred illegally.”

“On March 16th of last year law enforcement officials recovered a duffle bag that was found on the banks of the Rio Grande River,” said Hogsett referring to the border region between Texas and Mexico. “Inside the bag were ten assault rifles.”

Owner Ronald Voyles told Fox59 News he was suspicious when a Gulf War vet and co-worker came to him in August of 2010 and said he was starting a private security firm to be operated by former Navy Seals and special forces operatives.

The man bought 20 assault rifles “for training” and returned in October to purchase nine AK-47 assault rifles.

Read the rest of Russ McQuaid’s report at FOX59.

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  • Good Wolf Jay

    You guys have no idea how bad these Cartels terrorize and intimidate the citizens of Mexico. Then Mexico’s gun laws only allow them to barely get a .380 to defend themselves with against Cartels with 7.62. Unbelievable!

  • David

    Funny how they are bending over backwards to catch gun runner’s from Indiana when Eric Holder and his friend Obama are the biggest gun runner’s of this century. Has the media suddenly forgot about operation FAST and Furious? If you may recall, our own government, allowed straw purchases in the amount of several thousand weapons to cross the Mexican border and forgot to track these weapons! These were then handed over to the Mexican Cartel according to sources and distributed accordingly, however when innocent men, women, and children were gunned down in the streets of Mexico, then they were able to locate the place of origin, from the ATF /Holder /Obama..