Fewer NYPD officers firing duty weapon in 2010 than in 2009.

An annual New York City police report shows that fewer…

An annual New York City police report shows that fewer officers fired their weapons last year, but the ones who did unloaded more shots.

In total, 115 NYPD officers fired their weapons in 2010, down from 131 in 2009. Officers fired 368 rounds, up from 297 in 2009. In many cases, officers said they fired after being threatened with a gun.

Eight people were killed in police fire last year, the fewest number of deaths since comparable recording began 40 years ago.

The report gives a comprehensive look at how the nation’s largest department uses deadly force. It details the many reasons officers fire, including because of a conflict, animal attack, and unintentional discharges. There were also eight instances where an officer was unauthorized to fire, including two suicide attempts.

Source: The Associated Press via Law Officer.

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