Figures show thousands of security breaches at U.S. airports.

The nation's airports have suffered more than 25,000 security breaches…

The nation’s airports have suffered more than 25,000 security breaches since November 2001, according to a House committee, citing information it says it received from the Transportation Security Administration.

The breaches — amounting to about seven a day, or about five per year at every airport — include everything from people who accidentally leave a bag on a checkpoint conveyor belt to those who purposefully evade security and get onto airplanes without proper screening.

The 25,000 breaches include:

— 14,322 breaches into secure entries, passages or other means of access to the secure side of the airport.

— Approximately 6,000 breaches involving a TSA screener failing to screen a passenger or a passenger’s carry-on property, or doing either improperly.

— 2,616 instances involving an individual getting past the checkpoint or exit lane without submitting to all screening and inspections. Some 1,388 of these have occurred at the perimeter areas of airports.

Source: CNN

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