Filipino police have their gun barrels taped shut to stop NYE celebratory gunfire.

Image: Associated Press To keep discipline over New Year's Eve…

Image: Associated Press

To keep discipline over New Year’s Eve in the country this year, officers in the Filipino police have taped their subordinates’ firearms shut.

These pictures show policemen on parade for a ‘sealing of firearms’ ceremony at their headquarters in Camp Crame, suburban Quezon city, north of Manila, yesterday afternoon.

Leaders of the Philippine National Police hope taping shut their men’s guns will thwart the traditional celebratory gunfire during New Year’s revelry that injures or kills several Filipinos each year.

A senior officer taped shut the ends of each of their subordinates’ weapons with masking tape and signed the end to ensure that it was not removed and stuck back on later.

Image: Associated Press

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  • Devin Graves

    If they can’t shoot their guns how will they be able to deal with a situation requiring deadly force on New Year’s Eve? Such as gunman or drug fight?

  • Devin Graves

    Ok, so you get a gunman on New Year’s Eve and you have to go to the chief to get your gun barrel untaped so you can shoot him… How many people get killed because of the delay?

  • kurt

    They can’t just follow orders and not shoot their guns?