Firearm ‘open carry’ lawsuit filed against Warren, Michigan police (video).

YouTube Description This encounter occurred in my home city of…

YouTube Description
This encounter occurred in my home city of Warren. Hamaneggs was simply walking down the street and the next thing he knows he has 3 police cars surrounding him and he has an officer pointing a gun at him. He is searched, pistol taken, wallet taken, and before a verbal tongue lashing he is cuffed and the officer dragged him up by the cuffs behind his back making his knees bloody. Out of 3 cars they would only provide him the only police car pointed at the street. Not only that the audio in the first several minutes is obviously censored with white noise. The same period where he was at gunpoint and dragged on the ground!

Jeffery Haman, 54, seeks a $100,000 judgment and $500,000 in punitive or exemplary damages, as part of the lawsuit he filed recently in U.S. District Court.

With a semi-automatic pistol holstered at his waist, Haman, a former firearms dealer, was walking home from a local drug store at 12 Mile and Hoover roads in August 2009 when a patrolman quickly drove up to him.

“At the first instant where I could see through the open passenger window, he had a gun pointed at me,” he said. “Then he came to a stop. As soon as I saw the gun, I put my hands up.”

Haman was ordered to lie on his stomach, with his hands outstretched. The officer handcuffed him and three additional officers in two patrol cars arrived.

“I asked him what his reason was for stopping me. He said, ‘You’re walking down the street with a gun.’ I said, ‘That’s perfectly legal, I’m open carrying.’”

Source: Norb Franz for the Daily Tribune.

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  • Joyce

    Ok let me get this straight, you people are going to complain about how a man with a gun walking down a street at 2:30 pm was stopped, searched and cleared to actually carry.

    Now it makes me wonder just how many of you SAME people who are howling about the INJUSTICE, would be howling louder if said man had actually been ILLEGAL,and headed for that park, or walgreen, or grocery store and opened fire and it came to light that the department had numerous calls, about him walking down the street and oh my NO ONE DID ANYTHING!!! Just because Michigan has an open carry law, does not mean that EVERY ONE who openly carries!! is sane, legal, or not intending to harm someone. Perhaps you believe those individuals that are intending harm have a bright flashing light on their head to indicate they are the one!! not Mr. Joe Citizen, who is carrying legal and is sane.

    I doubt highly in todays day of mass shootings in just about any place you can think of including our latest in a SCHOOL, that the door had been locked that we can just ASSUME that the individual is “LEGAL”. Umm gee makes you wonder, what would have the outcome been if someone, or many someones had called about the guy in Conneticut!! when he was walking around or toward that school with all those guns now don’t it.!!

    Wait, I know, we as citizens simply want to quarter back guess and judge what the police department actions are. Umm yeah what was that comment. “cowards who are sworn to protect your rights” Well you stand in front of a gunman and let me see if you are a coward. And yes they did precisely that, they were PROTECTING YOUR RIGHTS to LIVE.

    Don’t go slamming everyone and everything when you do not have all the facts. Unless you were there, and a part of the entire incident you are judging without full knowledge.

  • Oz

    At the begining of the audio the cop makes a good point he says “your just asking for trouble” & repeats it several times. So any law abideing citizen who tries to practice his rights lawfully is just asking to be almost shot and definetly harrassed, abused and have all of his/her civil liberties trampled on by these cowards who are sworn to protect your rights! And to add insult to injury they go on to barrate him and threten him with more of there bullshit trying to scare him after they have checked and know that he is lawfully minding his buisness. He told him its ok in the parks but not on the streets, does that even makes sence to anyone? are people only in danger at the parks? what a stupid thing to say! Cops get special training and have BP vests and as much ammo as they want to carry because they know just how dangerous it can be out there but a citizen has no right to protect himself he can only dial 911, what a joke! What their actions say is that its not ok for you to take steps to protect yourself or practice lawfull your rights all you can do is call them. Watching awful footage like this is dipicable and makes you feel sad that this is what our great country has come to. Oh yea & how typical that they distorted the audio and only showed footage from the only car not faceing the entire incident, & we the people are supposed to trust cops who openly practice these tactics. Incidents like this one here should not be tolerated in anyway shape or form, this is very disturbing. Cops should have more respect for our right since they are sworn to protect them and payed well to do just that. GOD bless America.

  • Dave N

    I believe that Mr. Haman is being kind to the PD that was involved in this heinous incident. If open carry is legal in the area, then the damages sought are comparatively small to the amount of pain / embarassment that was endured. Now, I am not a fan of open carry and would not do so myself. However, that’s just my comfort level. If Mr. Haman was indeed walking peaceably and going about his business, then he should be taking these thieves for way more than he is. Also, I don’t believe that all police are like this – these bullies give the good officers a bad name. That in and of itself is the real crime.