Firearm registrations break records in Hawaii.

Image: Downtown Honolulu, HI, view from Punch Bowl. Wiki/Sullynyflhi

A record number of firearms were registered in Hawaii last year, marking a 17.2 percent increase over 2010, with registration of 36,804 firearms, the attorney general’s office reported.

Also, a record high total of 15,375 personal and private firearm permit applications were processed statewide during 2011, a 20.1 percent increase from the previous record high of 12,801 applications processed in 2010.

Just under half (17,949) of the firearms registered in 2011 were imported from out of state. The remainder (18,855 registrations) were in-state ownership transfers of guns that were already in Hawaii.

Source: Star Advertiser


  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Whats firearms registration? LOL

  • CBec

    is Hawaii not part of the United States anymore?

  • Todd in RPK

    I was stationed in Hawaii for six years. Those islands are a U.S. state in name only. They could care less about the mainland other than sucking up federal funds. btw, their gun laws are as shitty as Kalifornia’s.