Firearms simulator helps Lafayette, Indiana police prepare for difficult ‘takedown’ situations.

State police Deputy Chief David Payne, left, watches as firearms…

State police Deputy Chief David Payne, left, watches as firearms instructor Mike Brown, right, takes a bullet proof vest from a hanger. Brown uses a computer to improve police officer’s decision making skills through interactive video training. The former Army Reserve Center was turned into a training facility for the Lafayette Police Department and will be hosting an open house for the public May 16, 2012 . Maria Strauss/Journal & Courier

“In real life, most of the time people comply. We have to prepare officers for the times that people don’t comply,” said Officer Mike Brown, one of the department’s firearms instructors. “We have to keep them on their toes.”

The Journal & Courier on Monday toured the facility ahead of a community open house planned for Wednesday afternoon and evening. Mayor Tony Roswarski and Chief Don Roush will be among the speakers at the open house.

Last year, Lafayette police purchased the building for $214,650 from the Lafayette School Corp. The property was once home to Ford School, which closed in 1952.

The 45,000-square-foot building the city purchased served as a U.S. Army Reserve Center until late 2010

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