Firearms were a big seller on Black Friday, background checks surged to 129,166.

Image: Gun dealers flooded the FBI with background check…


Gun dealers flooded the FBI with background check requests for prospective buyers last Friday, smashing the single-day, all-time high by 32%, according to bureau records.

Deputy Assistant FBI Director Jerry Pender said the checks, required by federal law, surged to 129,166 during the day, far surpassing the previous high of 97,848 on Black Friday of 2008.

The actual number of firearms sold last Friday is likely higher because multiple firearms can be included in a transaction by a single buyer. And the FBI does not track actual gun sales.

Some gun industry analysts attributed the unusual surge to a convergence of factors, including an increasing number of first-time buyers seeking firearms for protection and women who are being drawn to sport shooting and hunting.

Source: Kevin Johnson for USA Today via Tucson Citizen.

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  • Larry

    If the National Guard were called on to disarm American’s – they would be in for a hell of a fight. It’s one thing to fight Afghans with their 60 year old weapons and poorly placed shots. It’s another to fight American’s who regularly practice, have modern firearms, body armor, thousands of rounds, and many being seasoned hunters who can easily make shots to a few hundred yards. I really can’t imagine an America serviceman or woman going to war against their fellow American, but if they did their would be hell to pay. Yes in Katrina they disarmed a bunch of intercity thugs and backwater hillbillies. Don’t try that around here.

  • LtCol.JamesP Mueller

    I asked a young National Guardsman what he would do if the UN and US government ordered him to disarm by force all American citizens. He said without any reservations,that he would.He would follow orders without question.I said,” You know who else did that,the SS?”I don’t think he knew what the SS were.Is is just a coinincidence that modern military and police helmets are shaped like WW2 nazi helmets?

  • R. R. Ferris

    Frankly, I love it! The more good folks buying guns the better off and safer we all are!