Fired for pulling gun on robbers, Michigan pharmacist sues.

After the hair-raising confrontation that was captured on surveillance video,…

After the hair-raising confrontation that was captured on surveillance video, Jeremy Hovan’s employer rewarded him with a pink slip. Now, Hovan is fighting back, filing a federal lawsuit against Walgreens for wrongful termination.

“No life was lost, no life was harmed, and nothing was stolen,’’ Hovan’s lawyer, Dan Swanson, told NBC News. “So in that context, I think he was a hero. He was exercising his reasonable right of self-defense in the face of a gunman who attempted to pull a trigger three times and shoot him. Presumably, shoot him dead.’’

Hovan’s lawyer said that Hovan never saw those store policies and acted properly. He added that Hovan continues to deal with the 1-2 emotional punch of having a gun pointed at him and nearly being killed and then losing his job on top of that.

Source: Scott Stump for MSNBC.

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  • D. Sanchez

    LOL,,,nope, not trying to get hired anywhere,,,just goes to show what you know, how well you know it, doesn’t mean a damn thing,,,It’s all about lawyers and civil liability and public perception.

  • Dennis

    WoW D. Sanchez way to throw out your lil resume there guy!! Your high speed!

  • Perhaps some pro gun company will take notice and embrace this guy. I hope he has a good attorney and get’s Walgreens for all he can.

    The Walmart case is shamefull.

    More compelling reasons to not support these businesses. When possible dont support those who dont support us.

  • David

    The Pharmacist should have just followed company policy and been killed like a good employee. How dare he defend himself. The armed thug should sue, or maybe Walgreens should hire him. They seem to share the same morals.

  • D. Sanchez

    WOW,,,I feel for the guy,,,BUT,,,,As an employee of another MAJOR US retailer, I can tell you, that there IS NOT one US Retailer (Walgreen, Walmart, Target, Costco, Krogers, Sears and on and on) that allows ANY employee, permanent or temporary that allows the possession, carrying or use of a firearm while employed and on the clock. 25 years in retail, 20+ of that as Loss Prevention, Carry Conceal, Law Enforcement training in use of force, detention and legality, Firearms Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, worked in conjunction with multiple law enforcement depts drug and gang units,,,And Retail could care less. Its all about civil liability and public perception. I have been shot at, stabbed, hit with just about any object one can think of, hit and drug by cars, bit, attacked by gang members, drug users, drug dealers and just about anybody else and my only means of self defense,,,”The Employee Handbook”…Walmart fired a loss prevention employee, and 2 managers,,,NOT for using a firearm, but because they Disarmed a shoplift which was in possession of a firearm…Company Policy….