First unmanned police drone helicopter in Texas set to launch north of Houston (video).

A local police force north of Houston is about to…

A local police force north of Houston is about to become the first in Texas and one of the first in the nation to deploy an unmanned drone for police work, and this one could someday carry weapons.

It’s called the “ShadowHawk” remote controlled helicopter and police brag that people on the ground can barely hear it when it’s flying at ideal altitudes.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Conroe paid $300,000 in federal homeland security grant money and Friday it received the ShadowHawk unmanned helicopter made by Vanguard Defense Industries of Spring.

A laptop computer is used to control the 50-pound unmanned chopper, and a game-like console is used to aim and zoom a powerful camera and infrared heat-seeking device mounted on the front.

Source: Stephen Dean for Houston Page One Examiner.

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