Florida bystander with pistol comes to rescue of Marine and wife.

A group of unruly teenagers attacked a 27-year-old Marine and…

A group of unruly teenagers attacked a 27-year-old Marine and his wife who had asked them to be quiet during a Christmas night showing of “Little Fockers.”

The attack happened as the couple left the theater near Bradenton Saturday night. Authorities say the fight attracted about 300 bystanders.

Federico Freire, home on leave from Afghanistan, says they left the theater shortly after the teens were asked to leave.

The couple was kicked and punched in the parking lot before a gun-brandishing witness told the crowd to step back just before deputies arrived.

Five teens were arrested, including a 17-year-old who struck a deputy and was stunned by a Taser.

The fracas caused the theater manager to close early.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  • John

    Im from Ireland and and very interested in this story.We had a case of an elderly farmer who lived alone. He was treatened by a gypsie gang, and ended up sleeping in his barn. One night they came to kill & rob him {as they had done to others} and he shot and killed the ring leader. He was arrested and sent to prison. The law was changed here to allow self defense. The police here will now revoke your gun licence permantly if you use it for self defence, but at least you wont be jailed. We have the worst crime wave in the history of our state but home robbery has gone down since self defense was allowed. The issue here is you can only defend yourself once, before loosing your guns. Gog bless america

  • SFC Abadam

    What a Shame! What would have happened if the heroic bystander did not have a gun? Is Florida this bad? Anyone remember the movie Con Air, Cage defended himself from a serious beating and ended up behind bars because he killed one man. Is it just me or this is almost the same situation. Marines and Soldiers are trained to protect themselves. Would he have gone to jail if he had killed a man in self defense? Because he is considered a deadly weapon? As a Veteran and a US Army Retiree this is just no acceptable! If I could just hand pick individuals to Draft into Military Service, these are the ones that would top my list!!

  • Bogie

    Thanks to the bystander with the pistol,and thanks to the Devil dog for his service,it’s a crying shame that a service member should be treated like this protecting the scum that attacked him.

  • taleban

    those young guys should be send to afghanistan and face the taliban…

  • Greg E., MSgt, USAF-Retired

    It’s times like these that really put the right to bear arms to the test. With 300 bystanders egging on the fight, thank God there was one individual that had the common sense to know what was actually happening. A kick to the right spot in the head is just as bad as getting shot, so the armed citizen was well within his right to prevent someone from being killed. He used just enough force to stop the attack. The man is a true hero! That’s what gun CONTROL is all about! In short, peoples lives were put at stake because some dumb teenagers had no respect for others during a movie. To the Marine and his wife, Semper Fi and thank you for fighting to keep us free!

  • Chris

    In my world, these unruly teens would be drafted into service as part of their sentence for assaulting a veteran on leave.

    Meanwhile the good samaritan who had the balls to stand up against this injustice would be awarded properly.