Florida car dealer: Buy a truck get an AK-47 voucher (video).

General Sales Manager Nick Ginetta tells FOX 35, the weapon…

General Sales Manager Nick Ginetta tells FOX 35, the weapon won’t be sitting in the passenger seat or a gun rack when you sign the paperwork and get the keys, instead you get a voucher. “Now you take that voucher, you go down to Shoot Straight. You present the voucher. They will fill out all federal and state forms, and a background check. If you are eligible for that weapon, you’ll be entitled to it.”

Ginetta says if guns aren’t your thing, you can have 400 bucks off the truck or vouchers for other stores. Will it work? “People are calling us, don’t believe it. They want to come in and see it. We have some people that don’t believe it. In fact, as I told them, listen; you can do this on your own. You don’t need us.”

Already there’s been a bite. Craig from Longwood heard about the deal and came on down. “I’m getting ready to buy a truck because I need it for pulling my race cars. I figured this is a beautiful selection. I come here and I’m getting a free gun!”

Source: Mike Synan for FOX 35 News.

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