Florida Commissioner Overwhelmed with 95,000 Concealed Carry Applications

TALLAHASSEE -- The state of Florida is buried under a…

TALLAHASSEE — The state of Florida is buried under a record number backlog of 95,000 applications for concealed weapons permits.  The surge in similar applications and gun sales is a trend typically linked to rise in crime, economic anxiety and fears of stricter gun laws.  Florida’s incredibly high amount of applications caused a legislative panel to give Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson the OK to spend $3.9 million to hire the 61 temporary workers needed in order to get through the paperwork.

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  • I am a concealed weapons holder in the state of Florida.I moved here from Tennessee and was a ealed weapons holder there.In Tennessee you take an 8 hour class,with an hour on the range.My problem with the state of Florida is people only get a 2 to 3hour class.That is not enough training.I am prior military and prior law enforcement.I believe in carrying weapons but people in Florida need more training.The little amount of training in Florida concerns me.When you conceal carry you are taking on a big responsibility.

  • Jay C.

    I just hope that people get proper training (mindset and judgement) in addition to their CWL. There is a defensive mindset with guns, much like a defensive driving mindset. No threat, possible threat or iminent threat. De-escalation is an underused skill.