Florida lawmakers want to allow people with concealed gun permits to carry weapons openly (video).

Florida gun owners may soon have the right to carry…

Florida gun owners may soon have the right to carry their weapons in the open if a group of lawmakers has its way. Senate Bill 234 would allow gun owners with concealed weapons permits to begin carrying weapons openly. More than 40 states already allow it.

“Those people who have rigorous background checks, those people who are law abiding citizens, should not be punished for showing their guns in public,” said Sen. Mike Fasano (R-New Port Richey). “It won’t be like the wild west where everyone is wearing a gun.”

However, security expert Rod Reder believes it will lead to more shooting accidents. Reder is a former Hillsborough Sheriff’s Captain. “I see kids grabbing the guns, people snagging them on their seat belts,” said Reder, who has a concealed weapons permit and supports the Second Amendment. “Plus, bad guys now know that you’re armed. I don’t want people to know I’m armed.”

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  • In my experience as a police officer and tactically trained SWAT officer, I disagree with “open carry”.

    Most police officers shot in the line of duty are shot with their own guns even though they get special “weapon retention” training and are issued the latest in expensive and high-tech retention holsters. There are prison surveillance videos of inmates training each other and practicing disarming police officers.

    The average citizen – even one who has gone through a concealed weapons class – will not be able to defeat this kind of attack.

    Open carry will not prevent an attack in and off itself. Police officers are attacked and battered all the time when in uniform and while wearing a firearm and other weapons on their duty belts.

    That being said, concealed weapon permit holders should be able to carry anywhere they want – bars, schools, police stations, polling stations, school board meetings, and at work.

    One last thing…

    As a former homicide detective and SWAT team leader I have studied and trained for these types of “active shooter” incidents.

    Banning high-capacity magazines will do noting to stop these types of incidents. Most active shooters will simply bring more than one gun.

    There is a well know saying in the shooting world, “The fastest reload is another gun.” The shooters at Columbine, the shooter at the CA McDonald’s and at Virginia Tech, and a few other all had more than one gun.

    Banning high capacity magazines will do NOTHING but prevent law abiding citizens who have concealed weapons permits from fighting on a level playing field.

    People that know nothing about guns, crime, and life in the real world should not be passing laws that will get more innocent people killed.

    This is not 1950s Mayberry USA anymore.

  • General Jim M

    One way to prevent tyranny in America is to let citizens carry arms at all times just like the colonial minutemen.Tennessee has done a good thing along these lines but probably do not realize it.If you have a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit you may transport loaded,but not chambered,long guns in your vehicle.Imagine tens of thousands of Tennesseans carrying loaded AR-15s,AKs and Heavy barreled,scoped tactical/varmint rifles in their autos.You won’t be able to take Tennessee by surprise.Minutemen,they were ready in minutes.