Florida man sues city after being denied permits to sell guns of the internet.

The Buzz Lightyear truck rests against the TV stand, a…

The Buzz Lightyear truck rests against the TV stand, a few feet away from a locked closet containing an AK-47 and a pump-action shotgun.

The truck belongs to one of Richard Lander’s four children.

The guns belong to Lander, 34, an Australian transplant who wants to sell guns over the Internet from his home here in Chapparal Apartments, off Rosery Road NE.

Two Pinellas cities have denied Lander a business permit, though. Largo wouldn’t approve a home office permit for his online-only business. Clearwater nixed his application to open a gun and ammunition store.

America’s traditionally gun-friendly laws are part of the reason Lander moved here 10 years ago, he says. Now he’s embracing another American tradition — litigation. He sued Largo in circuit court last month; the National Rifle Association is paying his tab.

Source: Will Hobson for Tampabay.com.

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