For some, the cost of preparing for doomsday isn’t cheap.

Image: Flickr/Phil Schwan So far, Patrick Geryl estimates he's already…

Image: Flickr/Phil Schwan

So far, Patrick Geryl estimates he’s already spent more than $130,000 on his survival preparations.

Author of “How to Survive 2012” and eight other books about a catastrophe destined to occur this year, Geryl believes that a shift in the Earth’s poles is going to result in solar flares, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that will throw the world into a nuclear meltdown. The dreaded event will occur on Dec. 21, when the Mayan calendar allegedly ends, he said.

Geryl plans to survive the turmoil in a small wooden bunker far from the nuclear radiation in South Africa, where he can live off the grid for about a year and rebuild a community with other survivors.

Read the rest of Black Ellis’ article at The Boston Channel.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Why prepare for DOOMSDAY when you just need to prepare for LIFE. It doesnt do any good to have a gazillions $ in guns and get wiped out by a tornado because you didnt have a shelter. No they are not as cool to your beer drinkin buds but grow up.
    You can have a ninja style tomahack that cant be used by you at any time before SHTF or you can get some food that can be rotated into your food for the family and take care of them.
    You can buy mags for the 2mpg “Truck of Death” taht deosnt have enough room to even haul all the BOBs or you take a real medical class and actually save someone you love.
    Thats true peparations not Nat Geo Bravo Sierra and 2012 predictions from a little sunburned dude who practiced cannabilism and pierced things with things!