Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle.

Ford Motor Company today revealed its newest pursuit-rated vehicle –…

Ford Motor Company today revealed its newest pursuit-rated vehicle – Ford’s first-ever specially designed Police Interceptor utility built for the rigors of police work.

The new vehicle is designed to complement Ford’s all-new Police Interceptor sedan, which was introduced earlier this year. Combined, the two vehicles provide law enforcement agencies the ultimate in versatility and choice, something no other police vehicle on the road today can match.

“We understand today’s police departments require adaptability,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas. “Ford is committed to remaining the nation’s largest provider of police vehicles, and we’re offering law enforcement officials a complete portfolio of options that are purpose-built, capable and delivered with the safety, technology and performance they need to excel at their jobs.”

Ford, the police vehicle market leader for 15 years, developed both Police Interceptors to allow departments to maximize versatility without sacrificing quality. Both vehicles will debut simultaneously and be offered without interruption when production of the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ends in late 2011.

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  • Eric

    Back seats are not suitable for vomiting drunks, but it has the room for gear and people. Seats can be retrofitted by the right supplier. Interesting to find out its handling, braking and acceleration specs…

  • Eric

    An interesting approach…