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  • jason pinchotto

    leonard, its good to see that im not the only free thinker in the land of sheep. yes i know about the exercises! thank god for the internet for both good and evil, the information hwy is in full effect. we need to come together and protect our families and the families around us, only we can curb this forseeable threat. in numbers, yes numbers! “do not be afraid, that is what they want. do not fear for that is what they hope” stay on your course and have a plan… train as if in real life, stay low shoot streight.. for the record i do not advocate violence unless violence advocates me! protect the ones around you,.. always..

  • Leonard Dolan

    Jason, NATO troops are already here. Any officers or troops from foreign countries are being trained for gun confiscation during martial law in the US. US police and military will soon be ordered to kick down our doors. If they dont, these oother cvharactors will. What do you think that the FEMA NLE 09 excercise is for?

  • jason pinchotto

    whats next NATO in our backyards? beware of the sneaky,sneaky tricks to get us all confrontable with foreign police or troops on our soil. We do have the means to protect our land and our families right? wake up folks it takes a disaster to make a disaster, look at katrina for god sakes they confinscated american guns from the good guys!! food for thought……