Foreign VIP bodyguards allowed to carry guns in the U.K.

Foreign state minders have been allowed to carry guns in…

Foreign state minders have been allowed to carry guns in the UK, police admitted yesterday.

Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush were protected by armed US agents, the Met revealed. It breaks with the tradition of overseas officers not bearing arms here. Commander Bob Broadhurst said: “The request is always asked and nearly always declined. Occasionally, with the US, there are a number allowed – one or two close officers – to carry a firearm.”

The Scotland Yard chief spoke as he outlined security plans for next week’s three-day Papal visit. He stressed there were no signs of a terror threat against the Pope.
Pressure to allow armed US agents in Britain grew after the 7/7 terror blasts.

One official said: “Once it became apparent we had a very serious problem with homegrown al-Qaeda terrorism it was very hard not to give ground.”

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  • Eric

    Interesting how modern “kings” are the only ones permitted the means of self defense. The anti-gun assumptions of the UK elite and government administrators are simply amazing, especially with regard to the ironic and contradictory fact the UK has some of the greatest warriors in world: for example, the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service may be the best special forces assets any government in world possesses, today. Furthermore, the legacy of the British Empire has generated an outstanding technical analysis community of firearms experts in the UK. For example, check out Osprey Publishing’s outstanding studies, such as SPECIAL FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN, as some of the finest works of military tactics and weapons analysis available anywhere. That being said, it is very sad to see how Britain has declined in terms of its political correctness as manifest in its public policy elitism towards firearms and personal self-defense. For example, it is simply amazing how Scotland Yard’s ideology associates firearm as so inherently hazardous, as essentially generators of violence. Another example of the knee-jerk Brit anti-gun mentality is JANES publishing group (e.g., JANES INFANTRY WEAPONS, JANES COUNTERINSURGENCY EQUIPMENT, JANES FIGHTING SHIPS,…), which asserted the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the U.S. is a “terrorist” organization. This statement was written in their weekly defense journal during the Clinton Gun Ban era. Unfortunately, this mentality persists and appears to be part of a consistent, well-coordinated media attack on fundamental human freedoms beyond the UK. This, too, is incredibly ironic since Britain historically is the birthplace of self-defense rights for the modern world; see the book, TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS: ORIGINS OF AN ANGLO-AMERICAN RIGHT, by the historian, Joyce Lee Malcolm, as well as the scholarly articles on this topic in the JOURNAL ON FIREARMS AND PUBLIC POLICY ( Furthermore, UK activist organizations, such as Oxfam, are a major force behind the U.N.’s anti-gun treaty plans. Since there are a large number of UK elite university graduates in official U.N. positions (e.g., High Commissioners, Undersecretaries …), perhaps it is time to consider re-classifying the U.N. as the “New British Empire?” Just food-for-thought… Oh, by the way, THEY refer to civilian gun-bans as “micro-disarmament” — basically the people who want to impose “global governance” view us (the little people) as “bacteria” in nice, “warm” macro-economic terms. More food-for-thought, or, perhaps, we are the “food?!?!” Truly the times which try men’s souls…