Former L-3 employee guilty of selling weapon secrets to China.

Image: Recognizing counterfeit L-3 EOTech holographic sights. A former employee…

Image: Recognizing counterfeit L-3 EOTech holographic sights.

A former employee of L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. was found guilty of stealing files related to military technology from the defense contractor and illegally sending them to China.

A federal court jury in Newark, New Jersey, yesterday convicted Sixing Liu, also known as Steve Liu, of six counts of violating the Arms Export Control Act, as well as possessing stolen trade secrets, transporting stolen property and lying to federal agents, according to court records.

Liu, a Chinese citizen who had lived in Flanders, New Jersey, was convicted of stealing thousand of electronic files detailing performance and design of guidance systems for missiles, rockets, target locators and unmanned aerial vehicles in 2010. Prosecutors alleged that he delivered presentations about the technology at several Chinese universities, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and at government conferences with the aim of securing future employment.

Source: Christie Smythe for Bloomberg News via SFGate.

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  • Jman

    Treason! Cut off his head… lol.. have anybody seen the eotech knockoffs from china.. from what the pictures look like they Suck!!! Even when they steal the technology the stil can’t get it right… That is why we have the edge maybe not in numbers but in Craftsmanship, Materials, and good ol U.S.A Pride. “Cheating gets you no where, if you don’t have the know how to do anything with it”. Stupid spies off with their heads!!!

  • Gregory

    How many say a public execution fits this crime?