Four loaded pistols, 192 rounds of ammo, and three knives found on Sacramento, CA passenger by TSA.

Image: At Sacramento (SMF) last week, a passenger was…


At Sacramento (SMF) last week, a passenger was taking off his coat when an officer noticed he was wearing a shoulder holster with a loaded 9mm pistol in it. Yes, it has happened in the past where passengers have simply forgotten they had a firearm, but after our officers were finished searching the rest of his property, here is what was found:

-Two loaded 9mm pistols
-Two loaded .25 caliber pistols
-192 rounds of ammo along with two magazines
-3 knives


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  • woodtoolguy

    The on-scene senior officer was heard asking the traveler “Sir, that’s an impressive amount of weaponry. Exactly what are you afraid of?”

    The traveler replied “Not a god-damned thing!”