VIDEO: FPSRussia Tests Personal Flamethrowers

YouTube firearms specialist FPSRussia recently tested the XM42 and X15 personal flamethrowers and got some "explosive" results.

YouTube sensation FPSRussia has made a career out of testing incredible firearms. From the 40mm machine gun to the AA-12 fully automatic shotgun, he has fired them all.

In his most recent video, FPSRussia set his sights on something a little hotter: Personal flamethrowers.

Specifically, FPSRussia tested the XM42 Handheld Flamethrower and the X15 Personal Flamethrower.

About his “testing,” FPSRussia said, “The question is no longer IF you should own a Flamethrower, it’s which one do I buy? I hope this video helps some people out, clearly I went with option C which is to get them both!”

To see more videos from FPSRussia, please visit his YouTube page.

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