France suspends Afghan army role.

France suspended its operations with the Afghan army and may…

France suspended its operations with the Afghan army and may withdraw its forces, President Nicolas Sarkozy said after an Afghan soldier killed four French military personnel.

France halted training and support for the Afghan army and is sending Defense Minister Gerard Longuet and its military chief of staff to Afghanistan to assess the situation, Sarkozy said in a speech to foreign ambassadors in Paris. Seventeen French soldiers were injured in today’s attack, Matiullah Safi, police chief of Kapisa province, where it occurred.

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  • A.g.

    the four soldiers were killed during their jogging, disarmed. The heavy casualties compare to the rate of deployed forces add to the lack of result make the opinion turning bad near the next présidential pool. The military killed was the OMLT with afghan “army”. The french unit can operate any more on this ground for technical and ethical reasons. But the withdraw is impossible before months for logistic and security organization.
    I don’t belive that our soldiers were lazzy cowards.

  • Will

    i saw the soldiers piss, but where is the reports on this?

  • Jim

    Thanks France for bringing up the rear and turning tail when needed.