French firms work on anti-pirate ship of the future.

Image: Blind them with light, drench them with water…


Blind them with light, drench them with water cannons or deafen them with sound blasts: these are some of the on-board anti-pirate features that figure in a project being developed in France. The project was presented Thursday and Friday in Nantes in western France to some 400 delegates attending MARISK, a forum on shipping security.

A series of traps and non-lethal defences are set to be installed on board the Partisan, a French military training vessel, in a 12-million-euro project piloted by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). Aside from the armed guards used on some ships, the main anti-pirate defence measure currently deployed is water cannons that some crews use against aggressors but at the risk of themselves being targeted.

“The aim of this equipment is to make the boats difficult to board, to make them very hostile, unwelcoming for the pirates,” said Eric Prang of Sagem, a French firm involved in the project.

Source: Michel Moutot for AFP.

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  • Cary

    I’m with Dean on this totally. “blind them” and “water cannons” is stupid. How bout “kill and sink them with lead” Problem solved. Theres so many huggy, kissy liberals in the world that bad people are no longer afraid of good people…its time to regain some of that fear. Criminals dont understand respect…they got a grasp on fear though.

  • The old gun slinger destroyers would be a better cheaper solution.

  • Dean

    Of course the French would spend that much money on outfitting a ship with non-lethal tools that will help them run away like scared little girls. Just sink the pirates out in the middle of the ocean and don’t say anything to the liberal main stream media. Eventually they will get tired of sending people out and them not coming back. Or better yet let them take a ship with tracking devises in every part of the cargo so that when they get back to shore we can go in under the cover of darkness and kill them in their own beds. I am a firm believer that if you do right then you should be left alone, but if you make a decision to be a criminal that you should be put down like a dog because you are no better and don’t deserve to be treated better. The same goes for criminals here in the US, if we would actually use the death penalty and dispose of career repeat felons can you imagine how much money we would save on housing costs in prisons alone?