Fresno County, California farmer pulls gun to stop robbery.

A Fresno County farmer stopped a would-be robber in his…

A Fresno County farmer stopped a would-be robber in his tracks by pulling a gun on the suspect. The farmer was watering crops on Fruit near American late Monday night.

A would-be robber saw green when he drove past a Fresno County alfalfa field. Sheriff’s investigators say the man turned onto this dirt road late at night, turned off his headlights and drove up to the farmer watering the field. But when he ordered the farmer to empty his pockets, the farmer didn’t pull out any cash. He pulled out a gun.

“The subject got back in his car hurriedly and drove away,” said Fresno County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Chris Curtice.

“I’ve warned all my workers and everyone else, ‘If you’re in certain positions or certain areas, you just have to be really cautious,'” he said. “I say, ‘Hey, carry your weapon to protect yourself.'”

Source: Corin Hoggard for ABC Local KFSN.

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  • Jman

    Holy crap a California man pulled out a gun to protect himself!! I didn’t think there were any guns left in California after all the new/old laws that have been passed… LOL, Hope he doesn’t go to jail for trying to protect himself with a gun!!!