From her vehicle, grandmother returns fire at would-be robbers (video).

Early Saturday, Lulu Campbell said, "I thought I was going…

Early Saturday, Lulu Campbell said, “I thought I was going to die” — and she wanted to take someone with her.

She says she was parked in the driveway, looking through her purse for her phone, when someone started yelling and demanding money.

“I said, ‘I got no money.’ Then he said, ‘You don’t open the door, I’ll shoot you.’ I answered him and said ‘You’re gonna kill me anyway no matter what,'” Campbell said.

She said that’s when the man fired and she fired back.

“I said ‘Oh God, I’m gonna die,’ but they [had] bad news for them,” she said. “I always carry a gun, 24 hours, 7 days a week.”

Source: 11 ALIVE

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    When shooting out of a windsheild aim low as the deflection takes it high, looks like the bad guys wernt used to shooting under stress and were looking over their sights too which was good for her. She did a great job!

  • Alan Darrow

    Another perfectly good reason why all law abiding citizens should be armed. outstanding job!

  • Jman

    Much love to you Grandma Luisa, Your son was watching over you that night and was helping to protect you. Also your pratice of carring a gun was you protecting yourself. More people need that courage when seconds count the police are minutes away…. Much Love Grandma,Much Love……

  • N. Louisiana Deputy

    My kinda Grandma! Excellent job and example to all